openSUSE Conference 2018

Hi, my name is Matheus de Sousa Bernardo.

You can find me on @matheussbernardo at github and @matheussber at telegram.

Today I write about the openSUSE Conference that took place on Prague, Czech Republic.

It was a really cool conference where I could learn a lot about openSUSE and SUSE and some tools like salt, docker and kubernetes.

First day of conference

The first day of conference was the most crowded, the keynote was about the tale of two chameleons and how openSUSE and SLE were developed and how they achieved their current state, it is really insightful to learn about how the organizations solved the problems and obstacles during all these years.

After the keynote, there was a presentationless talk about serverless and openFaaS. I learned a lot about kubernetes and these new paradigm of infrastructure and development.

And right after that there was the openSUSE Leap 15 release.

After lunch, I watched Ana’s talk about refactoring openSUSE, she is really good at talks and with very funny jokes that got everyone attention. It is great to see the problems she faced and how she overcome with the help of the community.

The next two talks were very technical and I want to see it again on youtube. It was about Ceph, a distributed storage solution and the next one how to made your own little cloud.

I learned about Salt and how it uses an event-driven architecture to automate infrastructure, I only had experience with Chef and Ansible, so I enjoyed learning a new tool. After that another talk about kubernetes and how openSUSE and SUSE explore the container world.

After the conference there was a small party, where I could met others Brazilians that work on SUSE. And after that I could do some tourism around Prague.

Second day of conference

The second day of conference started with great talks about GNU Health and how they make a positive project with public health, it is really great that my university on Brazil already had collaborated with them.

Then we took a group photo and after that I had a meeting with Ana about my GSoC project.

After that the talk about transactional updates was really nice.

Then there was lightningbeers, that is basically a lightning talk of about 5 minutes where you must always hold a beer. And for me it was amazing, very great talks not only technical but sometimes inspiring. I talked really fast about Google Summer of Code and how I ended up working with openSUSE and Trollolo.

Last day of conference

The last day was about OBS, Embedded Systems and openSUSE.

First it started with OBS and what is new in it, David, btw he is a really cool guy and speaks portuguese, showed new functionalities and features. Then talks about the openSUSE infrastructure to cross compiling to another computer architectures like ARM64 and also the exciting new boards where I see me doing some IoT projects in the future.

After that a talk about OBS and the tools and processes behind it. It is nice to see how opensource organizations work and how is their processes, I study a lot of software development processes so it was a great talk to see. Christian is a really good presenter, very pleasant to hear him.

And after that there was a discussion on how openSUSE and SUSE develop three distributions at the same time, again really nice to hear about their processes and methodologies.

And then the annual discussion with the board about the future of openSUSE.

That’s all folks.

See you next time!