Good Bye Trollolo and GSoC

Hi, my name is Matheus de Sousa Bernardo.

You can find me on @matheussbernardo at github and @matheussber at telegram.

Trollolo is a cli-tool that integrates with trello and helps teams collaborate with Scrum and organize their work. It has a lot of commands. In some ways these commands can be kind confusing. During the project the restructure of commands was done and now Trollolo has much nicer commands.

This Code is in can be found Restructure Commands and Documentation Restructure Commands.

During the project I worked to make the backup diff and the backup restore commands fully functional. But during the work it was discussed with the mentors to focus on the backup diff. The backup restore command is complex and probably would not have a great impact on the user of Trollolo. Anyway on the backup diff command the code is a PR ready to merge Backup Diff, with this feature now Trollolo can have multiple offline backups of the board and can compare between these and the online board.

In the project I worked to make Trollolo work as a service but this goal could not be fully achieved, the Remote State PR creates a command on Trollolo that instead of using the permanent YAML file to manage state it works using a Card on Trello. This command is tested and ready to merge. With this new command it is possible to update the burndown and it will also be updated on the board. This is a really big step towards Trollolo as a service. Since now it is not necessary to keep state on the filesystem.

One of the best things in the GSoC was about learning how the openSUSE community works and how open source software is developed. And it is a really big thing. A lot of people around the world gathering together to make something totally open is an amazing experience. I learned a lot about ruby during the project. I had no idea how the ruby module system worked and I have never used rspec neither build a Gem.

One of the biggest challenge that happened during the GSoC was time management. I tried my best and by the end of the program I found a lot more time to work on the project also I started to use Pomodoro to manage my time in work. Communication was also a challenge the Pull-Request process is a little slow and that sometimes was not good for my productivity. The use of the telegram was a great way to overcome this challenge.

The work during the GSoC was an overall great experience and I take a lot of lessons from the work developed during this summer. Also I want to thanks Ana and Cornelius for being such great mentors.

And I want to finish the Trollolo as a service goal, so in my near future I want to continue to contribute to openSUSE. Also I’m very interested in the openSUSE projects related to Docker, Kubernetes and OBS.

That’s all folks.

See you next time!