Half Way on Trollolo and GSoC

Hi, my name is Matheus de Sousa Bernardo.

You can find me on @matheussbernardo at github and @matheussber at telegram.

Trollolo is a cli-tool that integrates with trello and helps teams collaborate with Scrum and organize their work. It has a lot of commands. In some ways these commands can be kind confusing.

In the first half of the project I worked in two tasks. The restructure of commands and Finishing the Backup feature.

On restructure of commands I had to learn about how the ruby module system works fully. First I tought that with a new namespace to encapsulate the new classes for the subcommands would be the way to go but the Mentors said that it would add lot of complexity and we should Keep It Simple. So what I did was just create the classes and import as already done in Trollolo.

The PR is already open waiting to be merged Restructure Commands Pull Request

Finishing the backup was not really planned for the first half in my proposal, anyway I used the JsonDiff Gem to show the user the difference between a local copy and the online version of the board and after that I implemented a way to have multiple local version and also diff between the local versions. It was an easy task. But I delayed to finish the restore command and it is still a WIP.

The PR related to the diff command is open and waiting to be merged Diff Command Pull Request

The first half was really challenging mainly because I struggled to keep a good amount of work, because of college and I’m almost finishing my degree. I hope to have scheduled my time in a better way now and on the second half I hope to overcome the challenge that is the automation of Trollolo, this task is much harder than the first ones.

That’s all folks.

See you next time!