Hello World!

Hi, my name is Matheus de Sousa Bernardo. You can find me on @matheussbernardo at github and @matheussber at telegram.

I’m a Software Engineering undergrad student in the University of Brasília.

I studied a lot of cool things on University such as good practices, software development processes, design and architecture, during the graduation I worked with a lot of tools and programming, Ruby, Rails, Vue.JS, Java.

Also I did an exchange program at Monmouth University, NJ, US. There I could improve my skills with Java, Software Development Processes, Game Development, Software Design. It was an overall great opportunity to improve my skills with english and get to know other culture.

Google Summer of Code(GSoC) is a program that encourages students to work on free and opensource software during the summer, I was accepted in the GSoC to work on Trollolo with openSUSE.

Trollolo is a cli-tool that integrates with trello and helps teams collaborate with Scrum and organize their work. The project on GSoC consists of improving Trollolo with some features. Today Trollolo has a kind of a confusing API and one of the first things to do is to clean and make it more usable and readable. The other major feature to be developed is to automate the workflow with the tool saving time of the team and improving the productivity in general.

During the GSoC I will be using a Trello board to organize my work, we decided to do sprints and define clearly the sprint backlog. If you wish to see how is the project going the link to my Trello board is Trello Board

I have two mentors Ana Martínez and Cornelius Schumacher, they are both core contributors of Trollolo and I hope to have a very good communication with both.

I think GSoC is a great way to improve my skills, Trollolo is written in Ruby wich is a language that I have some experience but I’m willing to improve my Ruby knowledge even more.

openSUSE was a linux distro that I’ve already used but the main reason for me to choose the organization was that I liked the idea of Trollolo. Since I am a software engineering student I studies a lot about software development software, agile and I think it’s great that OpenSUSE encourages these umbrella projects especially related to the process of developing software.

I hope that my experience with Ruby will help me with the project also my knowledge of Scrum, Requirements, Tests.

The next blog post will be about the openSUSE Conference, I am very happy to be able to be there in a week, and I would like to thank openSUSE for the support.

Stay tuned!